Nando's and Malaria

Malaria is a disease that’s easily preventable and completely curable. In Southern Africa where we grow our Nando's chilies, thousands are still suffering. In 2017, we joined the fight against malaria. Our commitment was simple then and it remains the same now; we will raise money to help fund spraying projects in Mozambique, where our PERi-PERi chilli is from. The spray teams go from home to home, coating the walls in a non-toxic insecticide that protects the family from malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Together, we can help put a stop to malaria for good.

Every bottle boughtprotects lives!

Back by popular demand, our 1L Medium PERi-PERi sauce bottles are now available in select restaurants across New Zealand!

For every bottle sold, we donate the proceeds to help protect people in Southern Africa from malaria.

Spray it…don’t just say it

Nando’s Fighting Malaria is our worldwide fundraising program that aims to help eradicate malaria in Mozambique, where we grow our signature African Bird’s Eye Chillies. We raise funds through initiatives such as payroll giving, selling hand-made, beaded bracelets in our restaurants and allowing customers to round-up their bill at the register, with all proceeds funding malaria elimination spray programs.

Globally, we’re helping to protect 2.8 million lives each year!

Bead the change

You can buy beaded bracelets in our restaurants, with proceeds going towards malaria elimination, spray programs in Mozambique. The best bit is we’ve partnered with a social enterprise to make them, so each bracelet is also giving a local South African woman a way to support her family.
Whenever you buy and wear our Relate malaria bracelets, you know you’re making a difference.

Proceeds from bracelet sales are:

  • Donated to the LSDI2 spraying program
  • Invested into creating earning opportunities and skills training
  • Used to cover materials and running costs

Donate Now

Nando’s Fighting Malaria helps protect against malaria by raising funds for a spraying program in Mozambique, where trained operators spray houses with insecticide to repel mosquitos. As well as helping protect lives, the program employs local people who are proud to protect their communities.

You can join us and help the fight against malaria by donating directly to Nando’s Fighting Malaria, rounding up your bill at the register, or purchasing a malaria bracelet in restaurant. Every bit counts!