Thank you for helping us support Kiwis in need!

We're chuffed to announce that with your help, we've reached our $40,000 target. All of the money will be going to our local charity partners, who provide food to vulnerable Kiwis.

Who are our local charity partners?

We work with these charities year-round as part of our No Chuckin’ Our Chicken program. The program ensures that any surplus chicken in our restaurants gets redistributed to people experiencing food insecurity in our community. This is made possible through the wonderful work of our local charity partners.  We donate the chicken to them, and they distribute it directly to people in need or to smaller community charities.

Our local charity partners are;

In Auckland – Auckland City Mission

In Hamilton – Kaivolution, A Go Eco project

In Tauranga – Good Neighbour

In Wellington – Wellington City Mission

In Christchurch - Christchurch City Mission


Why we did this

Research undertaken by the Auckland City Mission in 2019 estimated that 10% of Kiwis are affected by food insecurity but Auckland City Mission CEO, Chris Farrelly estimates that number has now doubled. We’re hoping this initiative will provide much needed support to our local charity partners who have seen a dramatic increase in demand.


*Nando’s will donate a total of $40,000 to their local charity partners at the end of the donation period (starting from 1.06.20 and ending on 31.06.20 or the date 40,000 transactions over $15 are made at Nando’s restaurants, whichever is first. All donations will go to the corresponding local charity partner in the region where the transaction was made. In Auckland, all donations will go to the Auckland City Mission; in Hamilton, all donations will go Kaivolution, a Go Eco project; in Bay of Plenty, all donations will go to Good Neighbour; in Wellington all donations will go to Wellington City Mission, in Christchurch all donations will go to Christchurch City Mission.
Valid at all Nando’s New Zealand restaurants. Subject to applicable laws, Nando’s may vary, update or terminate this promotion at any time. For more information about Auckland City Mission, visit; For more information about Kaivolution, visit; For more information about Good Neighbour, visit; For more information about Wellington City Mission, visit;  For more information about Christchurch City Mission, visit