Golden Ticket Instructions
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How to order Nando's Delivery

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1. Go to our homepage at

2. Click 'Order Food'

3. Click 'Find a Restaurant'

4. Click 'Delivery'

5. Enter your address and you're good to go!

Not available at Porirua and Lower Hutt.

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How it works...

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Order Nando’s Delivery between Monday 6th December and Sunday 12th December and go in the draw to win one of 1000 Nando’s Golden Tickets! The ticket will be included in your takeaway bag with your food.

Each ticket contains a scratch to win card, with a mystery prize ranging from a $350 voucher to a free Cheesy Garlic Pita. PLEASE NOTE all vouchers, excluding the $350 ticket, must be used in one transaction, so get a crew together!

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Here's how to redeem your Golden Ticket...

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1. Scratch the flame on the back of your Golden Ticket to reveal your unique code.

2. Login into your PERi-Perks account on your Nando's app.

3. Click 'Perks' at the bottom of the screen.

4. Click 'Add promo code'

5. Enter your unique promo code and click 'add code'

6. Voila! Your offer will now be visible in your app.

7. When you do your next Nando's order click on the green box and apply it to your order.

There are more chances to win - so order Nando's Delivery again before the 12th of December to secure another ticket! Some prizes are as big as $350 vouchers - so you don't want to miss out...

For full terms and conditions please click here.