So, turns out, there are some things robots can’t do. Like preparing our famous PERi-PERi!  

To test this theory we had our appropriately named Drone Guy invent three makeshift machines to try out at one of the farms where we source our famous little chillies.

First up, The Harvester Drone. Ever wondered why our PERi-PERi chillies are picked by hand? Well, turns out nothing makes the cut quite like a human when picking chillies… literally.

Then there’s The Drying Drone. After harvesting, our PERi-PERi chillies are placed on drying racks for a week laying out in the African sunshine before being turned into PERi-PERi. So we had this flame-throwing force-of-nature see if it could dry them better.

Finally… The Inspection Drone. What does that do? Well the only way to tell if a PERi-PERi is ripe is when it’s red, and machines can’t tell what colour a chilli is…. Or can they?

N.b. Do not try this at home.